Hey, I’m Shatiya Figueroa, wife, mom, Encourager, a Spiritual Entrepreneur.  I have the gift of knowing how to speak a word in season to those whom are frustrated, tired, overwhelmed or confused and have been doing so since 2010.  I am the founder of Cheer Up Be Encouraged [C.U.B.E], a ministry, that simply wants to cheer you up, encourage you, and empower you to take action right where you are in life while exposing God as your greatest supporter ever!  Some people call C.U.B.E “Church, right at your fingertips!” trailblazing this new way to bring spiritual truths to you.  I receive so much encouragement from God, by actually reading the Bible.  It may seem outdated to some but I love it!  I, then copy off from God to share encouragement with you, with the world.  Thank you for stopping by my site, be beyond bless by what you receive on here today and keep on coming back because there’s always new revolutionary content to help you along your spiritual journey. And oh--- Enjoy your today with no worries for tomorrow, that’s how I live!