Hey, I’m Shatiya Figueroa, Wife, Mom, Christian Speaker, Podcaster, and Online Entrepreneur.  I have the gift of knowing how to speak a word in season to those whom are frustrated, tired, overwhelmed or confused about their purpose and have been doing so since 2010. I’ve been called upon to lead prayer in conferences and to impart the word of God at midweek bible studies. With a diverse range of messages in my arsenal, the core of it all, tend to vibrantly speak to the dreams within the believer that have been neglected.  I, then empower men and women to start exactly from where they are, with the tools that they have, and win by sharing my personal and powerful transparent stories. Thank you for stopping by my site, be beyond bless by what you receive on here today and keep on coming back because there’s always new revolutionary content to help you along your spiritual journey.