Message: Growing in Uncomfortable Places

God will lead us to uncomfortable places at times. He is more concerned with our growth than our comfort in these wilderness times. Be encouraged to grow in spite of the challenges on the journey.

In this message, you will learn that laziness is slow suicide and robbing you from enjoying life and being all that God destined you to be! Cheer up, Be Encouraged today!

Message: Plant and Prepare

Are you prepared for the opportunities that you say you want? If that opportunity was to approach you tomorrow, would you be ready? Cheer Up, Be Encouraged today!

Message: No Comparisons

Message: Be Free From People

God wants us to be free from people and their opinions. He does not want us to live on the approval of others but to be directed by Him alone. Be encouraged by C.U.B.E's latest message!

So many things can come to our attention and cause us to worry. However, God wants us to live worry free trusting in Him. Cheer Up, Be Encouraged today!

Message: You Are The Exception

God's favor on your life can cause you to be the exception. Expect the favor of God to show up everywhere you go! Cheer Up, Be Encouraged!

Will you step out on water with God or will you remain in the boat? Will you go to the other side of your comfort zone? Cheer Up, Be Encouraged!

Message: Let God Drive

In walking with God, He must sit in the driver seat of our lives to lead us and keep us on track to arrive at our glorious destination, being the passenger won’t work for him in this relationship with you. Cheer Up, Be Encouraged!

Are there things that you started and have not finished? What caused you to be distracted when you started off with so much enthusiasm and energy? Be determined to finish your course with joy! Cheer Up, Be Encouraged!

Message: God Wants You To Enjoy Life

Many separate the enjoyment of life and God, but God who is is the creator of life, wants you to indeed enjoy it with him. Cheer Up, Be Encouraged!