Enjoy Your Today (E-book)


Enjoy Your Today (E-book)


God wants you to enjoy today with no worries for tomorrow. 

Do you find yourself waiting for a moment to occur before you can start enjoying life?  Are you scheduling your joy for later rather than now?  Is life happening to you instead of you happening to life?  Enjoy Your Today will provide the tools you need to help strengthen your relationship with God, fill your days with gratitude and awaken you to an engaged purposed filled life right where you are.

Enjoy Your Today is a 30-day devotional/ gratitude journal.

 Each morning you open this book, you are greeted with:

·      A title

·      A biblical scripture

·      A brief encouraging message based upon the scripture

·      A new thought

·      A morning reflection writing space where you can journal after reading

 Each night you open this book, you are greeted with: 

·      A nightly gratitude writing space where you can jot down the good highlights of your day because there is always something good happening in your life as you look closer.  This practical exercise will train your eyes to see God, the bright spots, and contribute to gratitude filling your heart one day at a time.

Please note: You cannot write in the ebook version, so get your favorite journal and use it to accompany you in reading this book for the daily morning reflection and nightly gratitude sections.

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